The Goal: Debt-Free


Like so many people, my husband and I have a goal. To eventually be debt-free. So what is it going to take to make this a reality? Well to start with, we have a car payment. About a year ago my husband got his dream truck (a Ford Raptor). We had paid off our first car and refinanced the house to help roll our other debt into one ball, the mortgage. We needed a bigger car to do our road trips in and I wanted something to haul a horse trailer with. Enter the new car payment. So now we have the mortgage, a car payment, and a very small amount of other debts. Not horrible as far as debt goes, but we can do better.

The plan: To add more money to paying off the truck in half the time (about 2.5/3 years from now), and then once that’s paid off the plan is to tackle the mortgage payment and pay the house off even faster. It wont be easy. Not even a little bit easy, but it will be worth it. We just keep thinking about how amazing it will be with no debt! Aside from monthly living expenses, our income wouldn’t have to go towards paying something off for once! There’s so many things that we want to have the money to do. Go on actual vacations, not feel guilty about buying things for fun or to finally upgrade something. We also have a lot of home projects that have had to wait because of the money not being there. This is going to be tough. There’s going to be a lot of saying no to things that we want to say yes to (i.e. dinner and lunch from a restaurant multiple times a week, buying things that we want but don’t need) in order to reach our goals. I want to share the struggles and the triumphs that go with it. This will help motivate me to keep going because I’ll know that other people are following the progress and maybe it’s helping to motivate them in their own journey.

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