Gardening: What will I plant this year?


Picture of my garden last summer (2017)

So today was the day I started getting real about what I’m going to plant in and around my house this year. A couple of years ago my dad was nice enough to build some garden boxes in the backyard, and last year he added a couple more. They work great if I actually stay on top of weeding them and harvesting things before they get out of control. My dad went a little nuts on planting things last year and I honestly didn’t use most of it (shameful, I know). SO this year my plan is to A.) not let my Dad plant things in my garden, and B.) Only plant things that I know will get used or that I’d freeze and use later.

This year I hope to plant some things I haven’t tried to plant before like beets and sweet potatoes. We are also going to plant our first fruit trees! Very excited about that. We should have planted some when we moved in 4 years ago so we could be enjoying them now, but oh well. Things that I will plant again this year will be several herbs, one (and only one) tomato variety, and pumpkins. Pumpkins are a must for me, but I have a problem. Powdery Mildew.

For the last two years now I’ve been fighting that crap. I start the seeds, the seedlings grow nice and I put them into the area we designated for the plants to grow, the pumpkins get to be about cantaloupe sized and the mildew sets in. It covers the leaves and spreads like wildfire so I don’t get good sized pumpkins. So frustrating. The solution? I’m not going to plant in the same spot this year. Instead we’re going to remove some of the soil, till, and rest the ground that I had the pumpkins in last year and put them somewhere else. Where? I have no idea yet. I am somewhat limited on where they could go at the moment, but I have to have my pumpkins for the fall.

Also on my list this year is to plant raspberry bushes. Growing up I always remember the huge raspberry bushes at my Grandma’s house. Nothing tasted better than a handful of those berries in the summer. Anyway, pictures of my garden progress to come!

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