Horses, Donkeys and Goats!

29572311_10155395903107227_6524768053684920137_nI live in suburbia. It isn’t where I necessarily dream of living my whole life, but it works for now while my kids are in school. If you read my original posts you might know that I own a horse. She’s a rescue and I love her to pieces. Obviously I can’t have her in my backyard, so I board her at my best friend Tiffany’s house that is about a 35 minute drive for me out into the country. I currently board my horse at her house in exchange for watching her baby 3 days a week until the fall when baby goes to school. It works.

24862665_10155112315877227_4571226146630181012_nWhat you don’t know is that on top of owning a horse, I also have a Nubian goat named Guinness. He lives on the farm as well with his two half siblings (Chandler and Buttercup). Our husbands give us a hard time about the goats, but Tiffany and I love them. They’re sweet, friendly, entertaining animals. What’s not to love about that? In order to satisfy her husband’s need for all the animals on their farm to serve a purpose, Tiffany plans to breed her female goat this fall in order to get milk from her. This you’ll want to stick around for because A.) BABY GOATS!!! and B.) I’m going to be learning how to milk a goat and make goat cheese which is bound to be at least a little comical.

29571004_10155393807697227_6433458189300964772_nOn top of the horses and goats on the farm, there is a MINI DONKEY. This little creature is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She’s been a lifesaver for us because she keeps my horse (Kindle) company. See, Kindle is the lowest one on the horse totem pole. This isn’t good for her because that means she gets pushed off of feed and just generally picked on by the other two horses. Enter the mini donk, another rescue animal. Now Kindle has a little friend that wont push her around and that she can have some companionship with. It’s a perfect match!


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