DIY Boy’s Haircut


Back when I finished high school and I thought my husband and I would be moving around as a military family, I chose to get licensed as a Cosmetologist so I would have a job no matter where we lived. I worked in a handful of salons over the years and ultimately decided I wanted a career change.

Even though I don’t take clients anymore, I do still cut my own family’s hair at home. It saves us about $60 a month (based on an average $20 haircut cost for my husband and $10-$15 cost for each of my sons, plus tip). I wanted my blog/vlog to be fun, but also to teach people things, so I made this tutorial on how to do a basic and easy boys haircut. This can also be a very short men’s haircut if you wish, but I’m showing you how to do this haircut on a kid.

Supplies You’ll Need:

A haircut cape (or towel)

Clipper (I used the Wahl Designer


Trimmer (I used the Wahl Peanut Trimmer


Clipper Guards (I used the #3 and #8)

Blending comb

Regular comb

Watch the video for the full haircut tutorial 🙂

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