Giving up on my garden this year

So it’s nearly June and I still have done nothing to prep my garden and no seeds have been planted. I hate to admit it, but a garden might not happen this year.

This is depressing because I love my garden. I’ve had a veggie garden in my backyard almost every year since we bought our house 4 years ago. It brings me a lot of joy being able to go out and see all the green and taste all the little things as they grow. The problem is that this year my motivation to garden is just not showing up. Another issue is that I don’t have a good place to put my pumpkins this year and those are really the things I look forward to planting the most. I’ve been battling powder mildew the last couple of years, so the soil in the area I have been planting is currently no good. Very frustrating.

It’s been a crazy time for me between taking care of my friend’s baby, working, blogging, working on my book, and getting ready for horse show season. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to rest the garden and pick up again next year when I have more time on my hands (hopefully).

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