I’ve been snowed under with stuff lately. It’s been hard to focus on any of my projects besides the day to day grind and other major things I’ve committed myself to. I don’t like it.

I think everyone needs days where absolutely nothing is planned. Where you can choose to accomplish things or do nothing at all. It’s a way to wipe the slate clean in a way. Sort of like when we sleep.

I’ve started to feel overwhelmed recently. Like I’m getting too much on my plate that doesn’t necessarily fulfill me as a person. That’s a scary place to be. Life is too short to feel that way.

So what should I (or anyone) do about that. The first thing to do is cut away days of busyness from the schedule where I/you can. If I’m not 100% looking forward to doing something that isn’t a necessity, I shouldn’t be doing it. Pretty straight forward. Another part of that is to be honest about commitments that are draining you. The ones that just don’t add anything positive to your life. Because who needs that? Those things are often the hardest things to stop doing, but the weight that gets lifted off your shoulders when you let go of those things is amazing.

So take time to assess the busyness in your life and ask yourself if it’s worth it to be so busy. You might find that it isn’t.