Illustrator’s Block

pexels-photo-1076339.jpegI’m an artist. Not really a writer. So the fact that lately I’ve been having an easier time writing than I have been coming up with ideas for illustrations is just silly to me. It’s just silly.

As I mentioned previously, this book is all about the journey, rather than the destination. So this must be the silly part of the journey. I basically have to just keep writing until the writer’s block kicks in and the illustrator’s block eases up. That’s totally how that all works I’m sure. It’s just going to be a wild game of “red light. green light” with the writing and illustrating for however long this takes me.

Another thing that I’m trying to do with this book is ask for my husband’s opinion and actually use his advice to some degree. After all, I’m no ask-hole. The thing is that he’s not a writer or an illustrator. So why bother with his opinion? Because he knows funny. He’s also just one of those generally intelligent people, so that’s gotta count for something.

Fingers crossed that I survive this whole process.