Blue Hair and Fourth of July Fun!

I made a big decision recently. That decision was that I was going to dye my hair a fun color for once. No more boring blonde.

I made the mistake of underestimating how much color I needed to cover my whole head, and the beauty supply shop was closed! Thankfully I had some leftover blue hair color from when I did a tiny strip of blue in my bangs a year or so ago,so I have two shades of blue in my hair, but I’m actually liking how it turned out.

This year has been a little different for us because we’re usually in Pagosa Springs camping for the fourth of July. We thought we’d try to change things up and go later this year. Instead of going out and fighting the crowds to see a fireworks display, we opted to stay home and enjoy good food and time with the family.



The “What the Fluff” Challenge

I recently took it upon myself to join the group of people that are seriously confusing their pets with this “magic trick”. Basically you take a large blanket, stand in an entryway, get your pet’s attention, hold up the blanket to cover yourself and then hide behind the wall of the entryway, dropping the blanket and revealing to your pet that you’ve “disappeared”. I love my dogs, but I had to try this.

My youngest dog (Leeloo) was so nervous that I was going to cover her with the blanket that she peaced out before I could even start this illusion. My other two dogs however reacted about as I would have expected. Confused, and in my dog Rock-it’s case, a little upset.