The Future

36189157_10155580670682227_1016942784180912128_nI’m a nostalgic person. I love looking back at all the great memories of my past, but I’m also obsessed with the future.

Life tends to change for me every year. For example, 2017-2018 has been a time of big changes with the decision to surrender my horse back to the rescue I got him from and finding my heart horse, Kindle. I also started to nanny my best friend’s baby, started to write a book (or two), and began teaching. It’s a lot.

The time is coming for big change again. My boys are about to both be in school full days, which will be the first time I’ve been on my own during the weekdays since having the kids. That alone is going to be a big adjustment. On top of that I wont be watching my friend’s little girl anymore. That has been a tough one because I love this little girl, but her mom and I agreed that I’d watch her for a year and that year is almost up. They are working on another arrangement for her, but it isn’t easy. Part of me wanted to say “Sure, I’ll watch her for the next few years until she’s old enough for pre-school/kindergarten!” but I never aspired to be a nanny. Sure it’s been fine, but I am at the point where I’ve done my time raising little ones and I want to enjoy some freedom again. Can’t do that when you’re caring for a toddler. So my friends are forced to come up with another nanny or my friend possibly has to decide to leave her job and be a stay-at-home mom (which is what I did when the boys were babies). It’s tough to sit back and let them work it out, but it’s necessary. I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish when I don’t have the boys around the house this year during school. I want to improve my YouTube channel and blog more and be able to see equine massage clients on the weekdays instead of weekends. My husband and I are also anxious to have our Fridays together again since he has Fridays off.

Change is good. Sometimes it just takes longer to adjust to the change.