Top 10 Movies for Horse Enthusiasts

pexels-photo-356188.jpegAs a horse fanatic, I have always loved watching movies about them. Here is a list that I compiled of my top ten horse related movies. This is just my personal list that I’ve come up with after watching a lot of horse movies over the years. I hope you’ll check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.

#1.)The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit This movie is sadly one of the lesser known movies on this list, but it’s the one that inspired me to start my riding career in the hunter/jumper world. It’s a classic movie that marries humor with inspiration.

#2.)Wild Horse, Wild Ride A fantastic documentary that follows several competitors in the Mustang Makeover Challenge that was started by the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

#3.)The Man from Snowy River If you’re a horse lover who hasn’t seen this yet, go get it and watch it! This has a great story and scenes with incredible horsemanship. Must watch.

#4.)The Horse Whisperer This is probably one of the most popular horse related movies out there. It has a stellar cast and features gorgeous scenery.

#5.) Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken I grew up absolutely loving this movie. It’s a very sweet story that’s based on a real person and her career as a diving girl with a diving horse act.

6.)Secretariat This movie tells the story of one of the best race horses that ever lived. It will make you laugh and cry. Such an incredible and touching true story.

7.)Black Beauty (1994) This movie is another childhood favorite. Based on the book by the same name, this is the story of a stunning black horse that lives an incredible life and overcomes incredible hardship.

8.)Unbranded Another great documentary about a journey that a group of college friends take on previously wild mustangs from the Mexico to Canada border.

9.)Harry & Snowman – Special Director’s Edition This is a very touching documentary about the bond between a horse named Snowman and his owner Harry who saved Snowman from slaughter. Together these two journeyed to the top of the show jumping world.

10.)The Electric Horseman Robert Redford makes his appearance for a second time on this list in the story of a has-been rodeo superstar who steals a famous stallion in order to give him a better life in the wild.

There’s many more great horse movies to watch out there, some of them sequels to the movies on this list. So grab some horse loving friends and have a movie night!