Illustrator’s Block

pexels-photo-1076339.jpegI’m an artist. Not really a writer. So the fact that lately I’ve been having an easier time writing than I have been coming up with ideas for illustrations is just silly to me. It’s just silly.

As I mentioned previously, this book is all about the journey, rather than the destination. So this must be the silly part of the journey. I basically have to just keep writing until the writer’s block kicks in and the illustrator’s block eases up. That’s totally how that all works I’m sure. It’s just going to be a wild game of “red light. green light” with the writing and illustrating for however long this takes me.

Another thing that I’m trying to do with this book is ask for my husband’s opinion and actually use his advice to some degree. After all, I’m no ask-hole. The thing is that he’s not a writer or an illustrator. So why bother with his opinion? Because he knows funny. He’s also just one of those generally intelligent people, so that’s gotta count for something.

Fingers crossed that I survive this whole process.


Chugging Along on My Book Writing Journey

pexels-photo-891674.jpegThis last weekend was a pretty busy one. I wished that I had more time to write and maybe begin to illustrate for my book, but life got in the way. I managed to write a couple of short stories and came up with more topics that I can write stories about, so it hasn’t been totally wasted time as far as the book is concerned.

This whole thing has been good for me because it’s the first time that I don’t feel compelled to rush through things to get a complete product. I really want this book to stand a chance at being successful, so i’m making it about the journey instead of the destination. Once the book is finished, that’s it. It’s out there and there’s no changing it.

It’s funny how this book has been evolving along the way. My original idea was to make it almost exclusively about my marriage and why I think my husband and I have lasted as long as we have from such a young, clueless age. It would have been about humor and how important it is in life, but especially in marriage. The book has had other plans for itself it seems. I’m now writing more about all the funny experiences that I’ve had in my life that lend themselves well to cartoon illustrations. When I started thinking about it and when family members started to remind me of stories that I’d forgotten about, I realized that it was the perfect content for this book. So that’s what it has become. A humorous book about my life. The thing I have going for me is that no one besides me has lived my life.

The biggest challenge now is remembering all the stories I have to tell, but that’s what friends and family are for. No writer/illustrator is an island.

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