It’s Almost Summer?!

Untitled_Artwork (3)The sun is shining, and for the moment my kids are in school, but not for long! They only have a few more days of school left and then it’s summer break 2018.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love that I get to be outside in the sunshine riding my horse, or out in the kayak, or camping. I also love not having to wake up early to get the kids ready for school (that’s always a marathon in itself). It’s just awesome.

On the other hand, summer means lots of heat and sun exposure. I am a very pale person that doesn’t tan, I burn. No matter how much sunscreen I dowse myself in, I always feel like i’m burning/melting. If you’ve never experienced that feeling because you have gorgeous, not mega-ultra-pasty skin, I probably hate you.

The other reason I tend to dis-like summer is because after the summer break “honeymoon” period is over, there always comes a time when I realize my kids are home for the next couple of months. With me. Every day. That realization tends to make me a little sad. Not because I don’t love my kids, it’s because their bickering and constantly injuring each other really starts to grind on me after a short period of time.

So whether I’m ready for it or not, summer is nearly here. Fingers crossed for good times and no trips to the emergency room because one of my kids seriously injures the otherĀ one with all that time they’re going to be spending together.